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Banned Code

WarningNews Network Services
Banned Code

WarningNews Network Services provides it's servers and services to numerous customers.  For that reason, we must limit the use of certain scripts and programs, known as "server hogs", that are known to cause a slow down in services to maintain a high level of service to all clients on the server.  The banned scripts have a higher risk of causing a breach in our Acceptable Use Policy, which will result in having your scripts or programs disabled, or your account suspended and/or terminated.

If your website requires the use of the scripts or programs we have listed below, we recommend Virtual Private Server, a Semi-Dedicated Server, or a Dedicated Server.  This will ensure that the highest quality environment is available to support your resource intensive website.  Prices on such Managed Services are available through Virtual Hosting Company

Bulletin Board Systems & Forums:


    • UBB - Ultimate Bulletin Board Provided by Infopop Corporation.

    • YABB - Yet Another Bulletin Board Provided by Xnull Network.

    • IkonBoard

    Recommended Alternative(s):

    Please note that even with an approved script, a bulletin board/forum that is extremely busy may still cause undesired loads on the servers. If you start seeing a rapid growth in your forums after having it installed, please contact us and we will help you look for alternative options for your website.  If we notice a large increase in the loads caused by your website and we feel that contact is needed to bring this to your attention, our Sales Department will contact you regarding this matter.

FormMail & Contact Scripts:


    • FormMail.pl from Matt's Archive Scripts.

Content Management Systems (CMS):


    • http://www.xoops.org/modules/news/

We are not judging the quality of the banned scripts and programs, but making a decision based on monitoring the server load while these items are in operation. It has been observed that these programs load the servers in a way that is unfair to other shared hosting customers.

We hope you understand, and thank you for adhering to these guidelines.

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