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Product: "Registrasi"
     Registrasi domain CO.ID - Rp100.000,00 (IDR)

     IIX Tiny Package - Rp350.000,00 (IDR)

     International Tiny Package - Rp300.000,00 (IDR)

     IIX Personal Package - Rp500.000,00 (IDR)

     International Personal Package - Rp400.000,00 (IDR)

     IIX Business Package - Rp800.000,00 (IDR)

     International Business Package - Rp600.000,00 (IDR)

     IIX Gold Package - Rp1.200.000,00 (IDR)

     International Gold Package - Rp1.000.000,00 (IDR)

     Registrasi domain .OR.ID - Rp50.000,00 (IDR)

     Register Domain .com/.org/.net - Rp100.000,00 (IDR)

     Upgrade 100 MB IIX Email - Rp350.000,00 (IDR)
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